1 Room and 48 Hours (Ludum Dare compo entry)

Last weekend was Ludum Dare 37, and my first time entering. The theme was “One Room”, so I decided to make a simple and quick game about participating in Ludum Dare. šŸ˜€ It’s called “1 Room and 48 Hours”. Your goal is to make the best possible competition entry while still taking care of your own personal needs.


I kept the scope pretty small for this game because I wasn’t sure how much I could get done, but next time I think I’ll be a bit more ambitious. (What’s the worst that could happen? :)) I’m also debating going back to try the old themes on my own. It was an interesting challenge and I’m not sure I want to wait another 4 months to try it again!

You can see the entry hereĀ or download the game here. Source code is available here.

Dynamically generating 3D meshes in Unity: what not to do

A simple 2D square generated in Unity. It's purple because we haven't assigned any shaders yet.
A simple 2D square generated in Unity. It’s purple because we haven’t assigned any shaders yet.

Recently in Unity, I’ve been playing with dynamic map generation. I wanted a hex-based map, so first things being first, I needed a hexagon. My hexagons would be pretty simple meshes, and I had to have all the points and calculationsĀ about their shape encoded into Unity anyway, since I would need that to put together the grid, so I decided to dynamically generate the mesh itself through Unity. Continue reading