April 2018 Garden Tour

The main gate onto our property, with a couple small garden beds I added. The fence needs painting but neither of us have signed up for that yet.
Most of the front yard is an ornamental garden, but there are a few fruit plants. The bed on the right here has blueberries and the corner bed will have raspberries once I pull out the dead tree and finish building the bed.
Dwarf nectarine and dwarf peach in pots, with a couple mints and a makeshift cold frame in the background. Trees were a gift from my partner’s dad. ❤
Backyard veggie bed. The fencing is vestigial from when the backyard didn’t have a full deer fence.
In the left bed I have a few types of onions, including potato and walking onions, as well as purple broccoli and lettuce (lettuce not pictured).
Middle bed has asparagus, rainbow chard, a single squash and a few other things that haven’t quite come up yet. The asparagus will likely be here long after the structure around it has come down.
Woodshed is low, but we have a bit more wood elsewhere on the property. Hopefully we won’t need much more this spring since it’s nearly May!
Mini-hugelkultur bed has tamped down a lot from rain and possibly a bit of decay. The wildflower seeds are starting to germinate.
Perennial stand of nettles has potential but I need to pick them soon if I want to do something with them this year besides chop and drop.
There are a few mature deciduous trees on the property. Not sure what this is but it’s flowering.
The water barrel that came with the property. We got a second that needs to be hooked up to the front and I want to eventually get a few more.
Gate into the back. It needed to be wide enough to fit large machinery due to the septic. Our friend who built it says the “MM” was coincidence.
Not sure what these are either but they don’t mind fending for themselves and they’re very cheery.

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