Cured (ish) coffee soap!

Coffee soap has been curing for about three weeks now which means it’s arguably either done or halfway done. There’s a lot of debate on how long it takes for CP soap to cure, but typically the rule of thumb is 3-6 weeks. This gives lots of time for any extra saponification to happen and for the soap to “mellow out”. Waiting for the soap to cure also gives you a harder bar (since it dries over time and a drier bar will last longer), and for the color and scent to stabilize a bit. You can actually continue to cure your soap much longer than 6 weeks to get a really long-lasting bar, but the color and scent will usually continue to fade and it might lose some of its other desirable properties (like bubbling ability) over an extended period of time. But unless you added perishable ingredients that didn’t saponify, or you store the soap improperly, the soap won’t technically ever go bad.

I used about 3oz fragrance oil for 2lb soap which I feel now was a little too much. Next time I try this recipe I’ll try it with 2oz. My rebatch soap had 1oz of fragrance and it was a bit lighter than what I like.

I’m really happy with how the color has stayed in the soap so far and I’ll continue to keep an eye on it and see if it keeps holding. If I can find some time to get back into carpentry this year, I might try making a simple slab mold so I can try doing swirls.

The soap on the left was made with lye dissolved in coffee instead of water; the soap on the right is one of the rebatch soaps, with no colorant.
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