Long time no see…

I can’t believe it’s been over 16 months since the last post… it’s been a very busy year and a half. Some updates based on my current About (which is soon to change):

  • My name is still Meg!
  • I am now 28!
  • I have moved from Vancouver, BC to beautiful Pender Island, BC.
  • I have pivoted from the 3D pipeline and game industries back into my original love, web development. But I do still dabble in Unity now and then.
  • Partially as a result of moving to Pender, I now have a much more extensive and successful garden than I used to. But there is always room for another project!
  • I got back into Facebook, used it for awhile, remembered why I didn’t like Facebook, and finally deleted it permanently.
  • Our beautiful old man cat, Heathcliff, passed away a few months after our move. We buried him in the back yard, in the kind of grassy, shady spot that he loved to laze in back when he was still an outdoor cat (before my time!).
  • We welcomed several new arrivals into our home, all rescues. Our dog, Charles, was adopted through the Burnaby SPCA and our three kittens were adopted through my partner’s dad, who was chosen by a pregnant cat to be her new human. We offered to take any of the “leftovers” and are now the proud roommates of three black beauties, all slightly different in looks and very different in personality.

I hope to post more soon. I like to share things about my life and what I’m working on sometimes, but the current state of social media makes me uneasy, so resurrecting the blog seems like the thing to do. I am thinking of adding a wider mix of topics since my interests have expanded so much since the last time I ran this blog, as well as some shorter posts just to keep in the habit of writing.


Gone, but not forgotten.

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