May 2018 Garden Tour

Cherry tomatoes are tomato-ing!
Volunteer onions (front) and potatoes (back) are doing okay.
$12 fig tree is kind of curly-leaved but I think it’s supposed to be that way? It keeps putting out new leaves so I think it’s happy. Might need a bit of water but it seems to stay this way even after a long soak and otherwise doesn’t seem unhealthy.
Some of my mystery onions are producing something at the top — I’m not sure if they’re going to be flowers or topsets.
Purple flowering broccoli is starting to turn purple and actually produce some flowers! I was starting to wonder if it was mislabelled. 🙂
Scarlet runner beans and volunteer potatoes. There are squash in here somewhere too.
Hazelnut! There are two others to go in with this one. Hazelnuts need to cross-pollinate to produce a good crop.
Peach-plum tree. I was tasked with bringing home a plum tree and this was the closest I could actually get into the car. It’s supposed to have a peach flavor with a plum skin. No fruit this year.
Multi-cherry tree. There are at least three cherries on this tree from 2 varieties, which is good enough for me for a first year. 
Wildflowers! To be honest, both foxglove and oxeye daisy are invasive here, but I find them pretty, the bees like them, and the deer chomp down anything that creeps outside our fence anyway. Yes, including the foxglove.
A mix of other beans, including orca beans and a couple baggies of random beans I had at the bottom of a drawer. There are a couple melon plants in here and I’d like to stick in some corn within the next couple of weeks. I’m kind of skeptical corn will grow on my plot but it’d be fun to get one or two ears.
Dahlia mix from the Pender Island Garden Club plant sale. This bed is in a kind of odd spot but we needed to build up a little rock wall under the fence because the ground underneath the fence wasn’t straight.
View from the hilltop where our house is. I like the little sea of flowers.
I picked up lots of blueberries that I should probably stick into the ground soon, but they’ve decided to fruit for me anyway, which is nice.
This is a really pretty blueberry I picked up called “Peach Sorbet”. I think only the leaves are going to be pink. I have another couple plants in a variety called “Pink Lemonade” which have green leaves but are supposed to give pink fruit.
Blanket flower is a native-to-BC perennial in the sunflower family and I think it’s really pretty. It would be nice to figure out how to propagate this at some point.
A third tenant has arrived in the mason bee house (see top right, bottom right, bottom left slots). I didn’t buy cocoons so they just move in when they like.
Purple and red native columbines are taking over sections of my garden temporarily, which is fine with me. They pop up out of nowhere in spring, I do nothing to help them grow, and the bees love them. The big purple one is actually growing in a pathway. I think it’ll come back in the same place next year so I might want to move the path.
These snapdragons are perennial. I’m hoping the new snapdragons I put in will be too, but the ones I got weren’t specifically labelled and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about them. Are all snapdragons perennial in the right climate?
New water barrel is still not in. 🙁 Oops. I haven’t really had the spare time to do a big weekend project so irrigation has been put off a few times now.

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